• MOST IMPORTANT! If you are feeling unwell in ANY KIND OF WAY or need to go get COVID testing, please cancel your appointment. You will NOT be penalized OR judged for taking precaution. 

  • Sola requires PROPER face masks upon entering the building. I also respectfully ask the same.

  • Sola will be keeping their front doors locked at all times to minimize traffic, please text me when you arrive and I will let you in.

  • I'm sorry to say that no guests will be allowed at this time (LITERALLY, Sola will only allow those who are getting serviced).

  • Upon arrival, I will check your temperature (We aren't playing about keeping everyone safe!)

  • Once you enter the studio please be ready to wash/sanitize your hands!

  • My handheld face shield must be held in place to cover your mask during the service to offer extra protection while I perfect your brows!

  • Upon booking your appointment I ask that every client reviews and signs my new agreement form (available upon booking). There's new important details that I don't want anyone to miss!

Thank you taking the time to read and consider everything I wrote and please continue to keep an eye out for my emails and Instagram posts + my IG stories! I am very thankful to be back in the studio and I greatly appreciate the continued love and support!

Can't wait to see you soon!

Last updated 4/5/21