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Guidelines for Re-opening


OMG we finally made it! The City of Pasadena have given the O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L green light to re-open *celebration twerk*! I am just so excited to see all of you again and finally get my business back! Since I have decided to get back to business, that is going to come with MAJOR changes and accommodations.

Here's an outline all the new changes so you know exactly what to expect! AND I KNOW I WROTE A LOT LOL, BUT IT'S ALL SUPER IMPORTANT and I think that with your support we can make our "new normal" really work!


  • Number one and MOST important! If you are feeling unwell in ANY KIND OF WAY, please cancel your appointment. You will NOT be penalized OR judged for taking caution and keeping your distance. I promise I will do the same! We need to have extra consideration because our personal actions can REALLY affect others more than we may know!

  • Brow appointment durations will be increased to 45 minutes to allow for the time to thoroughly sanitize + disinfect my brow station, tools and all frequently touched services after each and every client. 

  • To limit small studio traffic, Rashell and I will stagger our bookings so no two clients walk in at one time. We respect the importance of keeping distance as much as possible!

  • Sola requires face mask/covering upon entering the building. Rashell and I also respectfully ask the same.

  • Sola will stay locked at all times, so when you arrive to our appointment text me and I will let you in.

  • I'm sorry to say that no guests and no kids will be allowed anymore (LITERALLY, Sola will only allow who is getting serviced one-at-a-time).

  • When you arrive, we will check your temp with our new fancy NO-TOUCH Infrared thermometer (We aren't playing about keeping everyone safe!)

  • From there, promptly (AND PROPERLY) wash your hands pleeeaaaseee!

  • For the time being, we must discontinue any face waxing that requires the mask to be moved or removed such as lip, chin, and cheek waxing. This isn't permanent, just for right now.

  • YES, apart of our "new normal" will be masks on during all services. I will also wear a plastic face shield while you hold our super clever handheld acrylic face shield that will keep you EXTRA protected from the nose down.

  • It has been highly recommended that businesses do touch-less payment transactions and since I don't have the fancy tap pay just yet, I kindly ask for payments to be cash (exact amount please) Venmo or Zelle, just let me know which you prefer ;)

  • ALMOST FORGOT! Upon booking your appointment I will require that every client reviews and signs my new agreement form (even if you have done one before). There's new important details that I don't want anyone to miss!

Lastly, giving you and your brows the very best has always been my top priority and social distancing hasn't changed that! To support all of the state mandated guidelines above, prices are going to be increased so I can safely create brow magic while having everything I need. I am so thankful for the opportunity to get back to work, but nothing will ever be the same. For the next couple months, I will be easing in slowly AND on a part-time basis so I can consciously re-open successfully. Below I am attaching my updated (and unfortunately limited) service menu. 

Thank you taking the time to read and consider everything I wrote and please continue to keep an eye out for my emails and Instagram posts and my stories! Again, nothing will ever be the same and I'm sure more changes or adjustments will come up. I will continue to communicate transparently always and I greatly appreciate the continued love and support! Can't wait to see you soon!

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