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Hair Density Tattoo

Transform your hair and boost your self-confidence with our innovative Hair Density Tattoo service. Hair Density Tattoo or Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is a paramedical tattoo technique specifically designed to address sparse areas of the scalp, creating the illusion of thicker hair and minimizing the visibility of your scalp. This advanced technique creates micro-fine, follicle-like impressions that are customized to  camouflage problem areas and ensure a natural and seamless result. 

This service is ideal for anyone struggling with hair thinning or hair loss.


Achieve fuller-looking hair with our Hair Density Tattoo.

This non-invasive and highly effective treatment instantly enhances your hair's appearance, providing a more defined hairline and lasting up to two years without touch-ups. Say goodbye to hair fibers and growth serums and embrace the freedom to style your hair however you desire.

*Certain health, skin or scalp conditions will need prior authorization from a doctor 

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